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Discover the Cal app store 

The whole idea behind is to make scheduling easy, we want it to be an effortless process, and we want everybody to be able to access it.

With this in mind, we built an app store. Our apps let you extend features, and makes integrating other services effortless.

This makes it easy to customize your experience. Apps can be used to do things like add extra calendar connections or host a virtual team-building session.

The Cal app store also makes it easy to coordinate things like podcast production, twitch streaming, and CMS outreach.

With calendar scheduling is simple, effortless and whenever you need it to be fun.

Want to create your own app?

Since is an open-source startup, we encourage third party developers to create their own apps for others to use! We are the only scheduling software with a third party app store.

Learn how to create and add your own app here.

Calendar, Video, Automation, and more!

Feature Apps

Giphy Find everything from funny GIFs, reaction GIFs, unique GIFs and more to add to your custom booking page.
VitalVital App is an app that can can help you combine your health peripherals with your calendar.
TypeformAdds a link to copy Typeform Redirect URL to integrate with Routing Forms.

Let people book when it works for both of you