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About is a calendar scheduling product that prioritizes security, privacy, flexibility, and customization. As the world's leading open-source scheduling infrastructure solution, practices what it preaches. This means that the product is user-friendly and packed full of innovative features designed to help organizations and individuals alike save time. In addition, offers no-code modular customization and has a built-in app store. On top of all of this, also comes with data encryption and enterprise-level security compliance certifications.

About Harmonizely

Harmonizely is a CalDAV scheduling tool that's used by teams at companies like D-Hosting, Oracle, and Domino's. Using this tool makes it easy for companies to improve their efficiency by delegating scheduling and integrating multiple calendars.

Shared features and Harmonizely are both products devoted to helping people save time by eliminating scheduling inefficiencies. This gets rid of the guesswork that’s historically part of meeting coordination. Instead, and Harmonizely users can share a booking link and let the software take care of the rest. Both products offer a free tier and are multilingual - Harmonizely supports over 15 languages and offers 25.

Other shared features include:

  • Round-robin scheduling

  • Time zone detection

  • One-on-one meetings

  • Customizable email notifications

  • Zapier & Stripe integration

  • Secret meeting types

Why are people choosing


Free plan with customer support offers advanced features and unlimited event types completely free of charge for individual users. It also comes with a free support for all its plans.


Beautiful and intuitive UI

User-friendly interface and sleek, minimalistic design differentiate from its competitors.


Memorable links

With, you can fully customize your own link to make yourself easier to remember.

Main differences

The biggest difference between and Harmonizely is one of customization, security, and value. simply offers access to more resources at a better price in comparison to Harmonizely.

Harmonizely users miss out on:

  • Unlimited calendar connections for all account types

  • Unlimited integrations and analytic options for all account types

  • The ability to create group meetings

  • Dedicated features for teams, including round-robin scheduling and managed meeting templates

  • Enterprise-level stability and certifications including ISO 27001, SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance

  • A product capable of scaling with your growth that can even power a time-based marketplace

In addition, is also open-source, developer-friendly, and comes with a longevity guarantee. This means that we've taken steps to ensure that our core product will always exist and be available to those who need it.

When to choose is perfect for those who value customization, flexibility, and security.'s free plan is powerful enough to meet the needs of everyday users, freelancers, sole proprietors, and students. In addition, the scalable nature of the product means that it grows with your business needs.

Free users get:

  • Unlimited active events

  • Unlimited active meeting types

  • Unlimited calendar connections

  • Unlimited booking pages

  • Easy embeds, including inline and pop-up

  • Monetization options and the ability to use held payments

  • No-code integrations via the app store

  • Access to cool merch when they sign up for our marketing newsletter

Upgrading to a team plan supercharges your scheduling experience by adding:

  • Round-robin booking capabilities

  • Collective events with pre-designated hosts

  • Team pages and white-labeling options

  • Managed booking templates

  • Advanced routing forms

  • And much more even has options that allow organizations to use the service to build time-based marketplaces. This means that users can use to build:

  • A ride-sharing service like Uber

  • A delivery service like DoorDash

  • A mental health platform like BetterHelp

  • A practical skills-matching marketplace like TaskRabbit

The best deal

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between and Harmonizely, the main question you have to ask yourself is whether you want room for growth.

All of Harmonizely's essential features are available to users; however, the opposite cannot be said. This means that using Harmonizely reduces the resources that you and your organization can use in order to save time. This is why is the world's premier open-source scheduling solution and the best choice for your business.

"Just gave it a go and it's definitely the easiest meeting I've ever scheduled!"

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